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Everyone needs health insurance. There are many insurance agencies that offer it, so it can be difficult to make yours stand out. 1.       Simplify your website platform Simplifying doesn’t always mean taking away. READ MORE >>

Insurance can be a confusing topic for consumers and there are a lot of phrases that get tossed around without real meaning. If your client doesn’t understand the terminology, it’s going to be hard convincing them that they need certain services. Annuity is one such word that not a lot of consumers understand. READ MORE >>

Some insurance companies now offer a combination of long-term care insurance and life insurance. Could this be right for you? As people continue to live longer, the need for advanced and long-term medical care is growing. Having a comprehensive policy to help pay for this can be beneficial. READ MORE >>

Most people don’t realize this, but the oldest millennials as of 2019 are 38 years old. Although the term millennial is sometimes used to equate to young people, the actual millennial generation is at the age where they’re starting their careers, families, and making important life decisions—like what life insurance they should buy. READ MORE >>

Perhaps you operate your insurance agency in a community where you have a lot of senior citizens. Maybe you are located near a retirement community, or have a lot of long-time customers in your business portfolio. How can you target them with the insurance services they need? READ MORE >>

It’s a sad fact, but many people don’t think they need life insurance until it’s too late. Many people wait until after a loved one’s death has occurred to realize that person might have benefited from having a life insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Appellations for medications can be a bit loopy 1. Anakinra Will this drug make you a sky walker? Well, if you have rheumatoid arthritis, it may help. And did the people who named this drug (brand name Kineret) have a fondness for Star Wars? It appears to be a coincidence. READ MORE >>

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