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Agent Training

We rigorously train agents on emerging products and trends so that you can provide creative, forward thinking solutions to your clients. We know that it's not just about finding less expensive coverage, but also about protecting your clients from exposure to financial loss. We are backed by a large team of dedicated market specialists who are available to assist you with questions, client eligibility and marketing strategies to ensure your success.

Agent Mentorship

We mentor agents and agencies so that they are fully supported on all aspects of operating a successful insurance practice. The four components of our mentorship program are outlined below:

  • Support – sales support, product support, client resolution and administrative support.
  • Training - classroom training, field training, weekly webinars, conference calls and trainings provided by carriers.
  • Marketing – direct mail marketing programs, internet leads, carrier co-op programs, SEO and online marketing, retail marketing opportunities, call blitzes, sales and educational seminars. We can create a customized marketing campaign to help you dominate your market.
  • Contracting – simplified onboarding process, minimal paperwork and processing time.

Agency Builder Program

Building an agency requires a fair amount of upfront organizational work. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we have developed a simplified model for new agents and agencies so that your time from development to implementation is minimized. Our model includes advising you on corporate structure and reporting requirements, carrier relations, compensation guidelines, production bonus programs, and guidance on how to build profitable downlines/hierarchies.

Carrier Relations

Are you an agent who is adding a new product line to your practice or are you an agent who is launching a new agency with a downline? In either case, you will need contracts with the carriers that you want to represent in your market. The reality is that many carriers, particularly larger national or regional ones, will not provide you with the contracts and compensation schedules that you need to optimize your income and/or to recruit agents. We have those contracts already in place due to our size and production volume and we will avail them to you as well. Remember, carriers provide the most lucrative contracts to organizations that produce. Take advantage of our aggregate national production to ensure that you are getting the highest contracts possible for you and your agents.


We are supported by a compliance department that helps us understand the dos and don’ts in our industry in a reasonable and understanding manner. Let us help you grow your business in a compliant manner so that you won’t have to worry about doing the right thing. We are here to guide you in all aspects of your business including, training, advertising, and marketing. We will also keep you up to date on industry and product changes as they occur.


We will assist you with the contracting process. If you prefer, we can handle the contract duties for your agency as well. We will get you appointed with all the carriers and products that you need to be successful and competitive in your market.

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