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Covered California - Individual

Covered California for Individuals and Families was developed for those that do not get coverage through their employer. Plans offered through Covered California (or “on” the exchange) are tiered according to metals: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.  While anyone can purchase on the exchange, it is ideal for those individuals or families that qualify for a subsidy. However, even if you qualify for a subsidy, you may be better served purchasing insurance outside of the exchange depending on your circumstances.  We can help you determine what your best options are.

Through the Covered California website (, you can get an instant quote, peruse coverage options and even apply on the spot.  Below are links to the online application process and frequently asked questions to assist you.  You may also contact our office for personal assistance.  At Brightstar Insurance Services, one of our certified insurance agents would be happy to walk you through plan evaluation, selection, and the application process, complimentary.  However, if you decide to apply independently, please be advised that we highly recommend attaching a certified insurance agent to your application in the event you may need assistance in the future.  Covered California will not allow an agent to help you unless that agent has been attached to your application.  

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Covered California

How Do I Create a Covered California Account?  Why Do I Want to Attach an Agent?

Even if you don't think you need any assistance with plan selection or the application, you might down the line (such as if you have difficulties processing a claim) so you may want to consider who’s on your side when that happens.  Brightstar Insurance Services will be there to work on your behalf and our services are always complimentary and don’t impact your premium in any way.  If you just apply through Covered California alone, you could get stuck with a non-responsive “customer service representative” that may not answer your calls or provide the type of service you expect.  If you aren’t already working with one of our certified insurance agents, please peruse our list of agents to attach to your application.

Below is a link to easy step-by-step Instructions for creating a Cover California Account with an Agent:

Creating a Covered California Account & Attaching an Agent

How Do I Qualify for a Subsidy?

Qualifying for a subsidy can be an easy way to save money on health insurance for yourself and/or your family.  It is an opportunity to ease the financial burden of healthcare even further and allow for all people to be covered by Covered California.  

Below is a link to easy step-by-step instructions for finding out if you qualify for a subsidy:

Covered California Subsidy Instructions


Which Plan Should I Choose?

Plans offered through Covered California (or “on” the exchange) are tiered according to metals: bronze, silver, gold and platinum.  Cost and amount of benefits are directly correlated and increase according to the plans metal (for example: bronze is typically the lowest in cost and amount of coverage, while platinum typically costs the most yet provides the most coverage.)  The exception to this rule is if you qualify for a subsidy substantial enough to obtain the enhanced silver option, which typically has better benefits than the platinum even at the lower cost.  For personalized advice, call our office directly or email us.

I am Having Technical Difficulties on the Covered California Website.  Who Do I contact?

If you are finding the Covered California website hard to navigate or are experiencing any other problems please contact Covered California directly, you can visit their "Contact Us" page or call them toll free at (800) 300-1506.  Only Covered California support can assist with technical difficulties to their website.

We offer complimentary quotes on health insurance from multiple insurance carriers within Covered California so you can compare rates.  Want to see how much you can save? Request a quote or call us to find out.

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