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Subsidy Instructions

To Find out if you qualify for a subsidy (premium assistance):

  1. Go to

  2. In the middle of the page at the top, click on “Resources” and from the drop down menu click on “Shop and Compare Tool.”

  3. In the middle of the page click on the blue tab that says “Get Started”

  4. Enter your household information.  After you input your household information you may see a box with a message telling you if you qualify for Medi-Cal or premium assistance.  Note it says you “may” qualify.  You won’t know until you click on the yellow tab that says “See my options”

  5. A screen will appear showing a very brief comparison between the metal plans.  Close the small pop up screen to reveal the larger screen with plan options.  When reviewing plans you may see a line that says “Monthly Premium Assistance (Tax Credit).”   If there is no line for this category or there is a zero on that line, you don’t qualify for a subsidy.

Feel free to call us toll free at (855) 909-7827 with any questions or concerns.


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