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Explaining Medicare to Seniors is Just as Critical as Selling It to Them

Explaining Medicare to Senior ClientsMedicare is a confusing topic for many, but especially for those it matters to most. Medicare Parts A & B do not provide enough coverage but navigating the options available requires the assistance of an expert for many. 

That’s why insurance agents are here to help seniors not only find the right policy, but to understand their coverage and if / when to change it. Here are the most common issues that seniors have with Medicare.

Medicare Plans are Expensive

Some Medicare plans are more expensive than others, and seniors aren’t always sure how to find the re affordable choice. Here are some ways you can help your senior clients find the right Medicare coverage.

  1. Explain the difference between each plan’s coverage. A Medigap policy and a Medicare Advantage plan are completely different.
  2. Discuss your client’s coverage needs. Each client has unique health care needs, and some may require more coverage than others.
  3. Remind your clients that they may change their Medicare plan. Seniors tend to switch healthcare providers before switching their plan. Consider changes in their health needs to discover the most effective way your client can save money while not sacrificing coverage.

Medicare Enrollment Periods are Confusing

Anyone except insurance agents may find Medicare enrollment periods confusing. There are interchangeable terms and both enrollment periods offer similar but different options concerning Medicare. It’s important that your clients understand the difference between Open Enrollment Periods (OEP), Annual Enrollment Periods (AEP) and Initial Enrollment Periods (IEP).

Open Enrollment Periods occur January 1st-March 31st and allows new clients to enroll in Original Medicare while Medicare Advantage members can change their plan.

Annual Enrollment Periods occur October 15th-December 7th and allows Original Medicare members to switch to Medicare Advantage.

The Initial Enrollment Period is the first period in which a senior can enroll in Medicare which is three months before or after the senior’s 65th birthday.

The important part your clients should understand are the dates and what is allowed during those dates without becoming confused by the terminology.

Medicare Changes

Plans and benefits often change or fluctuate. The changes are frequent enough to have a large impact on seniors with Medicare. Their monthly premiums may rise, prescriptions will change, and their providers jump in and out networks, so seniors look for assistance. Insurance agents can help seniors navigate the tumultuous waves of Medicare changes to ensure they’re always covered appropriately.

When considering health insurance, seniors want to feel safe and secure in knowing that they’ll have the coverage they need when they need it. As an insurance agent, it’s crucial to be there for them and explain policies clearly and carefully.

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