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What is botulism, and how does it kill?

POSTED MAY 25, 2017 8:02 PM
1 dead and 9 hospitalized with botulism after eating nacho cheese sauce
One person is dead and nine others were hospitalized after they contracted botulism from eating contaminated nacho cheese sauce at a gas station outside of Sacramento, California, state and local officials said.

POSTED MAY 25, 2017 9:02 PM
Home-canned potatoes to blame for botulism outbreak
Local and state health officials say potato salad made with home-canned potatoes is to blame for the more than 20 cases of botulism in Lancaster, Ohio, last week. All of those who are sick ate at a potluck dinner at Cross Pointe Free Will Baptist Church on April 19.

POSTED MAY 25, 2017 7:40 PM
Botulism outbreak suspected at federal prison
Botulism is believed to be the cause of an outbreak of severe illness that has affected 20 inmates at a federal prison in Mississippi, the Federal Bureau of Prisons said Thursday. More than a dozen inmates remain hospitalized. Test results for the toxin are pending. Investigators believe the inmates became ill as a result of drinking homemade alcohol.

POSTED JUNE 16, 2016 9:46 PM
They tried for 17 years to have a baby. Now they have sextuplets
Sextuplets are very rare. Nearly four million babies were born in the US. The number of quintuplets or higher? Only 24.

POSTED MAY 26, 2017 2:03 PM
Girl grabbed by sea lion is getting meds to avoid disease
The girl pulled in the harbor by a sea lion in a heart-stopping viral video is on antibiotics to avoid contracting a dangerous bacterial disease from the sea lion's mouth.

POSTED MAY 26, 2017 9:38 PM
Does a microcurrent facial really lift your face?

POSTED MAY 26, 2017 7:38 AM
Nathan's and Curtis beef franks recalled
If you plan to grill out this holiday weekend, be sure to check your hotdogs to make sure they are not on the recall list. Nathan's and Curtis Beef franks are impacted.

POSTED MAY 26, 2017 3:08 PM
Deaths from Alzheimer's disease in the US have risen by 55%, says CDC
The rate of people dying from Alzheimer's disease in the United States rose by 55% over a 15-year period, new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows.

POSTED MAY 26, 2017 2:59 PM
Michael Brown's mom will finally receive her high school diploma
Lesley McSpadden told CNN she felt her son's presence while she worked toward her degree. "I know that he's been my angel through this all and I know that he's proud of me."

POSTED MAY 26, 2017 5:19 PM
A teen took his life; now his family is suing his school and the police
Corey Walgren committed suicide hours after his family says police and the school threatened him.

POSTED MAY 26, 2017 5:12 PM
Extreme course obstacle races, for families
We've all seen posts by those crazy friends doing an obstacle race -- mud runs where they jump into icy pools of water, climb over high walls and army crawl under barbwire. Pure torture. Now you can sign up for these -- and bring the children!

POSTED MAY 26, 2017 10:03 AM
Is chocolate good or bad for health?
Who doesn't love chocolate? Even if it's not your favorite sweet treat, you can probably agree that the confection conjures thoughts of love, pleasure and reward.

POSTED MAY 25, 2017 5:58 PM
Want more affection in your relationship? Have more sex
Want to have a more affectionate relationship with your life partner? Carve out time to have more sex. That's the takeaway of a series of four studies of committed couples in both the United States and Switzerland.

POSTED MAY 25, 2017 7:46 AM
Your kids actually want you to talk to them about sex
When Avital Norman Nathman's son was about 3, she says, he freaked out after he walked in on her changing a sanitary pad. So she decided to have an age-appropriate conversation about menstruation with him right then and there.

POSTED MAY 24, 2017 3:50 PM
This is what it's like to be struck by lightning

POSTED MAY 25, 2017 1:46 PM
Man behind the Ice Bucket Challenge drowning in medical bills
Pete Frates lies on life support in the bedroom of his house with his care costing somewhere between $85,000 and $95,000 every month

POSTED MAY 26, 2017 9:05 AM
Summer pregnancy may raise gestational diabetes risk
Researchers have identified a new possible risk factor for gestational diabetes: being exposed to hot outdoor temperatures in the month before giving birth. According to a new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), in one geographic region in Canada, the rate of gestational diabetes varied more than 3% between the coldest times of year and the hottest.

POSTED MAY 25, 2017 9:05 AM
Cannabis compound slashes seizures in kids with rare epilepsy, study finds

POSTED MAY 24, 2017 9:23 PM
Deputy, EMTs exposed to opioids get medical treatment
A Maryland sheriff's deputy and two emergency medical technicians received treatment for possible heroin and fentanyl exposure after responding to a drug overdose.

POSTED MAY 25, 2017 12:33 PM
Should the FDA prohibit filtered cigarettes?
Light cigarettes falsely ease smokers' fear of lung cancer, say researchers from the Ohio State University.

POSTED MAY 24, 2017 7:49 AM
Graco recalls more than 25,000 car seats
Graco is recalling more than 25,000 car seats that might not adequately restrain children during a crash.

POSTED MAY 25, 2017 3:01 PM
The Ethiopian politician who landed the WHO top job
An African national has been voted to head the World Health Organization for the first time in the agency's history.

POSTED MAY 24, 2017 6:49 PM
Trump's budget cuts children's health insurance program
President Donald Trump's budget plans to cut the Children's Health Insurance Program by at least 20% over the next two fiscal years and slash Medicaid, which covers millions more children.

POSTED MAY 24, 2017 7:22 AM
The viral Internet stunts parents should know
It's a tale as old as time: We see a lot of people wearing/doing/saying something and we want to try it, too. Back in the day it was saying "Bloody Mary" into a mirror at slumber parties. Today, it means viral social media stunts. Though adults get caught up, too, kids are especially susceptible to peer pressure and FOMO (fear of missing out). To them, what was once a double-dog dare is now a popular YouTuber eating a hot pepper just to see what happens.

POSTED MAY 24, 2017 9:35 AM
Report: A drink a day tied to higher breast cancer risk

POSTED MAY 23, 2017 8:08 AM
73% of sunscreens don't work as advertised

POSTED MAY 23, 2017 8:16 AM
The solar eclipse is coming -- and it's $2,000 for a grand view
Oregonians are set to be the first ones in the United States to witness the solar eclipse and some have paid a whopping $2,000 for a simple luxury: unobstructed views.

POSTED MAY 24, 2017 2:32 PM
No fruit juice for kids under 1, pediatricians advise

POSTED MAY 22, 2017 7:37 AM
Tick bite temporarily paralyzes 3-year-old

POSTED MAY 22, 2017 11:22 PM

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